Penis Enlargement Products That Work

Having a big penis is what every guy would be happy about. You can make your penis bigger these days if you are willing to invest in the right device. You do not need to take a surgery because now you can jus use a penis pump to enlarge your penis. However, it is no secret that there are so many amazing products out there to choose from. In case you are not sure about which brand would fit you the best, we are here to help you. Take a look at these top 4 penis enlargement devices on the market as of now.

Male Edge Extender


The Male Edge is clearly one of the best devices on the market right now. Not only it is recommended by most experts, but it is also very cheap. For the basic package of the Male Edge penis extender, you will only need around a hundred and eighty dollars. You can also spend a little bit more and upgrade your device to the pro version. The pro will give you a faster penis growth in around twenty-eight weeks. By using it regularly in that period, you will gain penis size in a short period of time.

X4Labs Pump


X4labs penis pump stands out in the market as one of the most inexpensive products that you can find on the market. With pricing just around forty dollars, how can you not be interested in trying? Despite being highly economical, you still can experience a significant penis augmentation with the device. Most clients have experienced around two or maybe three inches of growth using this fantastic appliance. So not only you are treated by the affordability of the price, but you can also enjoy the effectivity of the instrument.

Jes Extender

jes-extender (1)

Have you ever heard about the Jes extender? This product can be categorized into a high-end penis enlargement devices. If you have a little bit more budget, you might go for the complete package of the Jes extender. The price of the full package is roughly around a thousand dollars. Most people might not be able to afford it, but if they do, they can enjoy guaranteed results. Your penis would be enlarged by this product around thirty percent of your original size. So despite it being highly expensive, you know that you will the best results from this device.

Bathmate Hydro Pump


If you prefer the water version of penis pump instead of the air pump, Bathmate Hydromax is the right choice. You will be shocked at knowing that this device is very affordable to purchase. A package of Bathmate Hydromax penis pump will only cost you around a hundred and thirty dollars. Despite so, you can always expect a maximum growth of four inches by using this product. And because it is a hydro pump, you know that the device is comfortable and easy to use. This is a definite recommendation if you are looking for the best penis pump.

How To Improve Male Fertility

I am going to tell you what can you do not to get in doctor office to improve your fertility. So the big reveal is actually that it’s not much of a big reveal. It’s what you’ve probably been told forever. Change your lifestyle. So whatever is good for the man is also good for his sperm.

Don’t smoke. It is very simple. Don’t binge drink. So there are lots of studies out there that the more man drinks at one setting, the worst his fertility parameters are. And by ceasing that alcohol, sperm counts getting improved. So it is reversible up to a certain extent.

Lose weight and keep moving. So one of the best things that man can do is exercise. Remember that whole thing about obesity, so if you can get out and move, let those testicles cool off a little bit, let those thighs get a little smaller, a little more toned, then you’re going to improve sperm parameters. Plenty of good studies out there to show that weight loss and exercise can improve sperm counts.

Keep cool – goes back to what we were talking about earlier as well. Heat bad for sperm. So the more you’re standing, there have even been studies of scrotal cooling, where guys were put ice packs around the testicles, that sounds like much fun, but there you have it a couple of days before a woman’s ovulatory cycle to see if they can improve the motility and sperm. So keep cool and don’t stress.

And the big reveal is that there are no secrets. This is common sense. It’s much easier for me to tell you, then for you to do. But it’s crucial to do everything you can to improve your lifestyle, to optimize your chances of fertility. When that doesn’t work, come see a doctor, come see a male reproductive specialist, who most likely will be able to figure out what’s going on and help you out.

Okб so the first question “can excessive use of Viagra or such products (there’s a bunch in that class now) result in male infertility or sexual dysfunction?”. It’s a broad-ranging question and the fundamental, easy answer is not really. There’s actually been a few studies out there on the use of Viagra to improve fertility and really found it was essential to watch, it didn’t really help, it didn’t really hurt much. Same thing with Viagra is sildenafil, generic name. Same thing with tadalafil which is the generic name for Cialis. Small studies not a huge impact.

Now the in terms of the sexual dysfunction it’s an interesting way of phrasing the question because of course, these are medicines are known to improve erections and therefore improve sexual function. One of the things that I will respond to this question is “can taking this overtime produce that dependence on these medications in order to achieve erections?”. and the answer is essential no. They don’t work that way. They work by blocking an enzyme that causes the breakdown of the hormone called nitric oxide, which causes us to have erections. It’s not something that you can develop a tolerance; it is basically just blocking that enzyme.

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

By now you may be thinking “None of this really matters to me, I probably don’t have clogged arteries.” Well, if you live in the USA “fatty streaks are found in the aortas of nearly all children by the age of three years old.” The aorta is, of course, your largest artery. These fatty streaks regularly become fibers plaques in one’s twenties which can certainly impede erections in no way is clogged arteries unusual in the modern Western world.

But on a large portion of ED cases psychological. Well every psychological case is unique, whether it’s ED from porn addiction or performance anxiety, even a minor penile artery impairment can trigger a vicious psychological cycle. Even the most minor organic malfunction can result in psychological consequences which can progress to so-called performance-related anxiety. Even less severe vascular impairment can delay the establishment of an erection, it’s kind of like when you go to start your car, and it’s not starting right away, and then you freak out. So don’t write off a physiological cause just because you have a psychological aspect.

Ok, so how do you actually fix this and not just for a couple of hours at a time like those pills? Well, the best most reliable scientifically proven way to do it is through an oil-free vegan diet which is shown to improve artery function and unclog arteries, reversing cardiovascular disease and not just epidemiologically but in intervention airy dietary trials.

One of the earlier studies to demonstrate this was by Caldwell Esselstyn in the nineties. He put 22 people with the advanced cardiovascular disease on a whole food vegan diet. None of the 17 patients that stuck with the diet had adverse effects like a heart attack or stroke despite these same 17  people having  49 such events in the eight years prior to the study. And seventy percent so I measurable reversal of their artery-clogging.

Later on, doctor Esselstyn did a similar study with 198 people and among other amazing things he demonstrated a dramatic clearing of arteries an increase in blood flow after just three weeks on an oil-free vegan diet. I have to emphasize this because they’re probably getting mad right now, no not any vegan diet will do one with processed foods, will not get these results. Oil though not as bad as butter, can still clog your arteries.

But is erectile dysfunction just the natural course of aging for men? Well, I really don’t have to be that way.  I was kind of making a joke about blood flow to the penis but when people have a bad diet that’s when they need the Viagra, right? It’s really true if we were eating right we would not need to be selling Cialis, Viagra and stuff like that.

Finally, there is one more significant cause of erectile dysfunction that has not talked about, and that is medication a lot of which is blood pressure lowering medication. And depending on the study, vegans have a sixty to seventy-five percent lower incidence of high blood pressure than their surrounding omnivore population.

General Advice on Female Sexual Problems

Female sexual problems are common. In fact, 30% of women are faced with some kind of sexual disorders.

There are different types of female sexual problems:

  • Low sexual arousal;
  • Low libido;
  • Pain;
  • Problems with orgasm.

Lack of sexual arousal and/or desire

If you have difficulties to get aroused this can be caused by poor vaginal lubrication, problems in relationships or some health issues. Low libido is common, and many women can experience various symptoms of this.

These two often happen together. And often times, if you treat the one you will improve the other. It is essential to talk to your doctor and tell him about your problem since there are various treatments available.

Orgasm issues

Women may never experience an orgasm, have a rare or postponed climax as well as a decrease in orgasmic power. If a woman can’t achieve an orgasm, it can be a really embarrassing issue for her and her man.

Pain after or during sexual intercourse

Some females can have pain during intimacy. This can be caused by poor vaginal lubrication as well as not enough foreplay before sex. This can be a really big issue for women, and they can refuse to have sex with men.

How are these problems treated?

There are two kinds of female sexual disorder treatments, hormonal and non-hormonal. You should also not forget about relationships problems and deal with them as well.

Non-hormonal treatments


If you have female sexual problems, you may try to solve them by yourself; you need to increase your arousal and desire. You need to learn what helps you to achieve climax and reduce pain. There are a lot of erotic materials you can find to help you.

Sex therapy

It is when you alone or with your partner tell about your sex problems to a sex therapist who is trained in treating such disorders. He will help you to find out factors which trigger the problem and create a specific program to reduce or resolve their impact.

This is considered to be a highly effective treatment in solving the major sexual difficulties. It also assist people in creating a healthier attitude toward sex, improves their sex life, increases the level of self-esteem.

Vaginal lubricants and moisturizers

If you have vaginal dryness, you can improve it by using lubricants and moisturizers.

You can apply them before sexual activity. There are various lubricants on the market, and you can purchase them both online and in local stores. There are two types of lubricants, water-based and oil-based. Some lubes may help you and some may not. So you need to choose that product that will fit you the best.

The moisturizers can help retain the humidity in the vaginal area. You should use them every day, and if you want to have sex, you need to apply moisturizer 2 hours before intercourse.

Titan Gel Penis Enlargement Product

There are many various methods that on only improve virility but also increase penis size. The question is, is the product as good as they said or is it a lie? Here, we will investigate about one of the most common creams used to increase penis size, namely the Titan Gel.


There is a myth that said Titan Gel is harmful to men. Instead of gaining results, it will give a bunch of sores. However, this is just a myth. That’s correct. It is not true. People who said that are likely to don’t even bother to take the package and read the instructions. None of the ingredients of Titan Gel can cause serious harm unless the persons who use it have a terrible allergy to its some of the ingredients.

Should you try it?


Yes and here is why.

  • It will increase your penis size;
  • It has no contraindication except for those who have allergy to its ingredients;
  • It is very easy to use; all is detailed in the instructions;
  • You can see the results in a month, according to doctors and men who have tried it;
  • The result you gain from it is permanent;
  • It has passed clinical tests. Note: more than 90% of subjects obtained the desired increase in penis size.

How long you need to wait for the results?

The Titan Gel will take a minimum of four weeks before you can see a result. Fortunately, one package is enough for this time.

Keep this in mind as well: you shouldn’t take a lot of breaks during usage, If you don’t use the cream for more than 5 days, the likelihood of you gaining results will be reduced. To strengthen the effect, it is recommended to repeat usage in a few months.

The result of Titan Gel


  • 7 to 10 days: increased sensitivity of the penis glans, 1 to 2 cm growth;
  • 20 days: the duration of your sexual intercourse will be doubled;
  • 30 days: improved erectile sexual function, increased penis length.

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, the Titan Gel is sold only in online stores. Beware of fake products. If you buy a fake one, you will not see the result and may harm your health instead. That’s why it is necessary for you to carefully check where you buy this gel. Your best option is to buy it from the official representative of Titan Gel.


In just about 4 weeks, the Titan Gel can change your sexual life, increase your penis size and boost your confidence in bed significantly. If you want these things, you may want to consider using the Titan Gel.

It is safe and brings results. Why not give it a try?

The Most Known Facts about Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects 25% of men. A lot of men are ashamed because of this problem, and they suffer in silence. That’s right.  They hesitate to discuss this issue with their health care provider and especially with their women. If you don’t treat this sexual disorder, it won’t cause any illnesses, but it may increase your stress level, anxiety and worsen your relationships.

Here are the most known facts about premature ejaculation.

You are not alone

Premature ejaculation happens when a man reaches climax very quickly, about 1 to 3 minutes. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, don’t get discouraged. You are not alone. It is, in fact, a spread sexual disorder. Studies say that about 1 to 3 men has experienced premature ejaculation at some point their life.

Diagnosis criteria

You need not be concerned if premature ejaculation occurs rarely. But if this issue happens every time or through time and you ejaculate after 1 minute of penetration, you are definitely suffering from PE, and you should immediately visit your doctor.

Masturbation counts

That’s right. Premature ejaculation can happen not only while you are having sex with your partner. It can also occur when you masturbate.

Risk factors

Until now, doctors haven’t found the precise cause of premature ejaculation. Earlier they said that this disorder happens only because of physiological issues. However, new studies found that there also could be another reason, for example, biological factors.


Physiological of premature ejaculation include anxiety; it is also linked with situations when in your adolescence you used to masturbate very quickly because you was afraid of being caught by your parents; the feelings of guilt; erectile dysfunction as well as relationship problems.


These factors are anomalistic levels of certain neurotransmitters or testosterone, an anomalistic reflex activity of the ejaculatory system, inherited traits, issues with thyroid, inflammation or nerve damage.

Two types

There are two types of premature ejaculation. That is, lifelong and acquired. Lifelong premature ejaculation means that the condition has been experienced almost all of the time since a man’s first sex. On the other hand, acquired premature ejaculation means that the disease develops later

Side effects

While premature ejaculation will not inevitably result in health issues, it can lead to personal problems like anxiety and stress. PE can also worsen your fertility level, according to studies. Indeed. Premature ejaculation makes it harder for couples to conceive a child.