How To Improve Male Fertility

I am going to tell you what can you do not to get in doctor office to improve your fertility. So the big reveal is actually that it’s not much of a big reveal. It’s what you’ve probably been told forever. Change your lifestyle. So whatever is good for the man is also good for his sperm.

Don’t smoke. It is very simple. Don’t binge drink. So there are lots of studies out there that the more man drinks at one setting, the worst his fertility parameters are. And by ceasing that alcohol, sperm counts getting improved. So it is reversible up to a certain extent.

Lose weight and keep moving. So one of the best things that man can do is exercise. Remember that whole thing about obesity, so if you can get out and move, let those testicles cool off a little bit, let those thighs get a little smaller, a little more toned, then you’re going to improve sperm parameters. Plenty of good studies out there to show that weight loss and exercise can improve sperm counts.

Keep cool – goes back to what we were talking about earlier as well. Heat bad for sperm. So the more you’re standing, there have even been studies of scrotal cooling, where guys were put ice packs around the testicles, that sounds like much fun, but there you have it a couple of days before a woman’s ovulatory cycle to see if they can improve the motility and sperm. So keep cool and don’t stress.

And the big reveal is that there are no secrets. This is common sense. It’s much easier for me to tell you, then for you to do. But it’s crucial to do everything you can to improve your lifestyle, to optimize your chances of fertility. When that doesn’t work, come see a doctor, come see a male reproductive specialist, who most likely will be able to figure out what’s going on and help you out.

Okб so the first question “can excessive use of Viagra or such products (there’s a bunch in that class now) result in male infertility or sexual dysfunction?”. It’s a broad-ranging question and the fundamental, easy answer is not really. There’s actually been a few studies out there on the use of Viagra to improve fertility and really found it was essential to watch, it didn’t really help, it didn’t really hurt much. Same thing with Viagra is sildenafil, generic name. Same thing with tadalafil which is the generic name for Cialis. Small studies not a huge impact.

Now the in terms of the sexual dysfunction it’s an interesting way of phrasing the question because of course, these are medicines are known to improve erections and therefore improve sexual function. One of the things that I will respond to this question is “can taking this overtime produce that dependence on these medications in order to achieve erections?”. and the answer is essential no. They don’t work that way. They work by blocking an enzyme that causes the breakdown of the hormone called nitric oxide, which causes us to have erections. It’s not something that you can develop a tolerance; it is basically just blocking that enzyme.