The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

By now you may be thinking “None of this really matters to me, I probably don’t have clogged arteries.” Well, if you live in the USA “fatty streaks are found in the aortas of nearly all children by the age of three years old.” The aorta is, of course, your largest artery. These fatty streaks regularly become fibers plaques in one’s twenties which can certainly impede erections in no way is clogged arteries unusual in the modern Western world.

But on a large portion of ED cases psychological. Well every psychological case is unique, whether it’s ED from porn addiction or performance anxiety, even a minor penile artery impairment can trigger a vicious psychological cycle. Even the most minor organic malfunction can result in psychological consequences which can progress to so-called performance-related anxiety. Even less severe vascular impairment can delay the establishment of an erection, it’s kind of like when you go to start your car, and it’s not starting right away, and then you freak out. So don’t write off a physiological cause just because you have a psychological aspect.

Ok, so how do you actually fix this and not just for a couple of hours at a time like those pills? Well, the best most reliable scientifically proven way to do it is through an oil-free vegan diet which is shown to improve artery function and unclog arteries, reversing cardiovascular disease and not just epidemiologically but in intervention airy dietary trials.

One of the earlier studies to demonstrate this was by Caldwell Esselstyn in the nineties. He put 22 people with the advanced cardiovascular disease on a whole food vegan diet. None of the 17 patients that stuck with the diet had adverse effects like a heart attack or stroke despite these same 17  people having  49 such events in the eight years prior to the study. And seventy percent so I measurable reversal of their artery-clogging.

Later on, doctor Esselstyn did a similar study with 198 people and among other amazing things he demonstrated a dramatic clearing of arteries an increase in blood flow after just three weeks on an oil-free vegan diet. I have to emphasize this because they’re probably getting mad right now, no not any vegan diet will do one with processed foods, will not get these results. Oil though not as bad as butter, can still clog your arteries.

But is erectile dysfunction just the natural course of aging for men? Well, I really don’t have to be that way.  I was kind of making a joke about blood flow to the penis but when people have a bad diet that’s when they need the Viagra, right? It’s really true if we were eating right we would not need to be selling Cialis, Viagra and stuff like that.

Finally, there is one more significant cause of erectile dysfunction that has not talked about, and that is medication a lot of which is blood pressure lowering medication. And depending on the study, vegans have a sixty to seventy-five percent lower incidence of high blood pressure than their surrounding omnivore population.